Monday, March 21, 2011

val's 4th birthday

Big M's good friend at school was celebrating her 4th birthday last weekend.  The party was so fun...and I was hoping big M would choose a more "appropriate" party theme after attending Val's little pony party...but instead...she wants a party with SPONGE BOB as the theme :'( booo hooo....why oh why...anyway, I sewed the apron and matching chef-kerchief for Val :).

lovey dovey pose for Mommy :)

Val's apron, modeled by M

lil M and Big M

Nail art @ Gandaria City...quite about 4USD for both hands :D



  1. Still adore big M's bangs. I cut Baby G's that short too. Dad's not pleased, but hey you can't please everyone, can you? At least the owner's happy. oh, I saw this today and think of you and how can I start sewing lessons...

  2. love the matching kerchief- what a great addition to the apron! both girls are cute, cute, cute.


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