Friday, January 13, 2012

fabrics to giveaway

I know it's been awhile since my last I thought it's time for another one :)....You will win:
FAT QUARTER of each of the following fabrics.  All you need to do:
1. Leave a comment telling me: What's your new year's resolution?
2. Leave your email address!
3. Comment before Monday 16th of January 2012 at 8:00 am Western Indonesian Time
4. I will announce the winner on Monday and this is open to everyone, everywhere :)!  Good Luck!

cottons to giveaway



  1. hi,mbak lia,,
    resolusi saya di tahun ini adalah ... [banyak deh kayaknya ahahaha,,,]
    1. menggemukkan badan, susa banget,, prasaan makan uda banyak, ngemil juga, tapi kok gak gemuk-gemuk ya ahahaha,,,
    2. harus dan wajib hukumnya, konsentrasi dan konsisten sama si 'asimetris', karena sekarang masi terbagi dua perhatiannya hehe,,
    3. yang ini resolusi atau impian ya,, dilamar ahahaha,,, oups,,di sini gak ada yang kenal kan?!?,,

    salam kenal mbak lia,,
    saya sari, anggota indonesian crafter juga,,


  2. These are so, so lovely!
    My new year resolution is - don't laugh - to stop drinking 3 diet pepsi cans a day... and, so far, It is working... I haven't drunk any ;-)
    By the way, I wish you and your family all the very best for 2012

  3. OMG the fabrics !

    My new year resolution is to be more content in my life and to be more organized.
    I have some different "rooms", my word to describe "aspects" in my life that need more organizations. Less organizations gave me some retrogades in 2011. and they were not quite good

    hope to win those pieces


  4. Hi, Mba Lia,
    I have a lot of new year resolutions, but on top of them is "quit my daily job and focus on craft business" :)

    my email:

    Thanks a lot for the chance! :)

  5. a fabric giveway?want them so bad:p

    my resolutions are divided by 2 big dreams,life and financial resolution

    for life: I want to get married and get my dr. degree.oh, and yes, being more crafty:p 3 point of dreams that always included in my prays now:)

    financial : more organized my financial flow. I can't remember where my money going to along, I think 2012, I should know where they it go to a good place or the other one?:)


  6. I'm in :)

    actually, this year i decided livin without any resolution, but it doesn't mean it clueless. i'm open of any opportunity that commin for me in this years, and i will take it when my heart said yes and do it with all my heart :) like this give away example ;p


  7. hai mbak lia,
    saya mengagumi karya2mu yang simpel dan inspiratif :)
    Resolusi tahun 2012, saya pengen punya open workshop!
    Semoga terjadi ya :)

    e-mail :

    makasih mbak lia :)

  8. My resolution this year is so simple.. to get my life balance, between working and have fun doing my crafting hobby and do yoga :)

    and I found lots of crafting idea from your blog, thank you so much for sharing Lia :)

    Dian Kusumawardhani

  9. hai, mba lia, kangen deh ama mba lia, postingannya maksudnya. sy ikutan ya mba.

    resolusi 2012 adalah pengen punya workshop dan toko offline..hehe.. *muluk banget ya... wish me luck

    thx mba lia ^^

  10. Hi happy new year and thanks for the lovely give-away.
    My new year's resolution is to finally accept myself for who I am, to not try to improve my body and soul but to improve the image I have of my body and soul :)


  11. To quit smoking...
    dang, feel like smoking now just by typing the word

    chia xx

  12. Hello, happy new year!
    My new year's resolution is to live and love with passion.

    Thanks for the opportunity! Greetings from Hungary: Agnes

  13. hallo mbaaa... lalucu fabricnya ^^
    resolusi tahun ini... mesti dapet asisten buat urusin GoodTHinks... sudah tak sabar ingin mempelajari hal baru (teh) mba ^^
    blog :

    sukses selalu ya mbak.. ^^ semoga Tuhan membalas dengan kebaikan yg lebih ... amin ^^

  14. Salam Kenal Mba Lia...

    saya dyah a.k.a Mak Dee
    wow kereen koleksi fabricnya (jempol)

    rencana tahun 2012 ini adalah beresin offline store saya (buku dan kain pada tumpuk2an ga jelas) dan membunuh pemalesan supaya lebih giat lagi berkarya inshaALLAH aamin


    Hatur nuhun ^^


  15. speechless liat fabric-nya jadi susah bernafas..

    my simple resolution for 2012:
    1. be a better mom for my twinnies and better wife for my hubby (hmmm... soalnya ibu-ibu banyak maunyaaa..)

    2. finish my recent project: write a crafting book and publish it abroad.. aamiin..


  16. My new year's resolution is to lose weight. projectsbyjane at

  17. Thanks for the chance of winning these pretties :)
    1. Develop my craft business more, get more money, lol..

    Fingers crossing :)

  18. first of all, i never wanna leave any comment to any blog, till now...

    so, i need my resoution to come true,
    1. to gain 'give away- gift' from lia :)
    2. open a workshop for children to be creative as they doing kid's craft.
    3. have a blog to share with you. ( how much i love to read your blog )

    luv- yeanny
    my email address

  19. Halo Mba Lia,
    My resolution in this year, write a craft book and make a workshop.. :)

    wish me luck

    thankyou mba Lia
    -Indah Apsari-

  20. I just found your blog (through your one handle bag pattern). Looks great!

    My New Year's Resolution is to be more organized in our new house- which we're hoping to buy this year!
    (my email is

  21. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh more fabric.... New years resolution? Use more of the fabric I keep collecting! Now, where does my husband want to take me tomorrow? A huge fabric sale in Dallas! Ahhhh I am wondering how this years resolution is going to work out. Then again, I only make loose resolutions since I rarely would ever follow through on them ;)

  22. hallo kak, aku ikutan giveawaynya ya :)
    resolusi buat taun baru, aku pengen buka usaha olshop. sekalian ngelanjutin hobby craftingku yang tertunda gara2 UAN kemaren kan lumayan hasilnya bisa aku jual lewat onlen shopku :)
    semoga tercpai ditaon ini deh.

  23. My resolution is to sew more. And I have already started!

    Email - susanmv @

    THank you for the giveaway!

  24. new year resolution Hmm..atually I wanted to some lose weight! That is my yearly resolution :) But, each year I will gained weight. I hope I can make it this year :) secondly, I wanted to finish the sewing stuffs I haven't finish last year :)

    Cheers from hueiseiAtGmailDotCom

  25. hai mbak , my resolution in this s year, so many but for my craft word. i hope make a shop , both online and offline shop

  26. Hi mba lia,
    Salam kenal sebelumnÝa,saya edhini member Indonesian Crafter juga:)
    Mau banget giveaway kerennya
    Resolusiku di tahun 2012 diantaranya adalah :
    1.Resign dr kerja kantoran dan totally fokus mengembangkan my online store kiyut handycraft (one step a head to be an entrepeuner Ànd fulltime crafter :))

    2.Punya workshop sendiri dirumah:D
    3.Get married :)

    4.Bisa nyetir mobil sendiri dan dapet SIM À :p

    5.Bisa handstand dan side crow for YOGA (lebih rajin latihannya hihi)

    Wish me luck ya mba:)

    Edhini senastri

  27. yaaay fabric giveaway :D
    my new year resolutions are being more courageous to try any chance related to my dreams, such as send more scholarship applications.
    Also be more cheerful and less stressful. Be more productive and more creative :))

  28. hmm..membaca semua resolusi nampaknya tdk beda jauh dengan punya kita..

    resolusinya: lebih terfokus dengan karya yang punya cirikhas, lebih terorganisir dan hingga akhirnya bisa punya workshop sendiri ;)

    makin kreatif ya lia

  29. new year's resolutions ?

    a. to have a partner to help me running my business.
    b. stop eat choco bar as my late snack.
    c. more organize and more smart to manage my time for everything.


  30. My new years resolution is to be more organized and use more coupons.

  31. My new years resolution is to finish EVERYTHING i start this year, No unfinished projects.

  32. I have been thinking about several goals for 2012. One is to finish my half done projects.

  33. *_*

    My new year's resolution is to stay organized and to concentrate on recent must-does no postponing and delaying or 'I can also do it later':) also to make more handcrafts and drawnings/painting just to improve my old skills :)


  34. Resolusiku tahun ini adalah dapat beasiswa dan IP ku bagus mbak :)


  35. hope FAT QUARTER choose me *.*
    What's your new year's resolution? Graduate !!!! this year 2012 !!
    dan bisa focus untuk membangun Myurbey tanpa pikir2in urusan Her . Ujian ,Tugas apalagi minta tanda tangan dosen .wish me luck
    for this giveaway and my graduate

    my email : belinda_regina(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)id

    thank you :)


  36. hai mba lia, love the gorgeous fabric.. saya windy dari jumbajamba dan resolusi untuk 2012 adalah to have more fun & learn not to sweat the small stuff.. am sure i can think of some fun stuff to create dengan fabrics mu yang cantik ituuuu (",)

    email: w_dhanutirto(at)

  37. my 2012's resolution: nulis diary tiap hari kaga bolong-bolong! haha :p walaupun terdengar agak sepele dan culun, tapi ini sebenernya susah banget buat si pemales kayak aku hehe ._. aku udah beberapa taon rencana mau nulis diary tapi pas febuary biasanya udah mulai bolong-bolong hehe doakan berhasil yaah :D untuk menghilangkan kebiasaan malus juga sih soalnya hehe


    Wish me luck!

  38. New Year resolutions:
    1. Be a great mum and wife
    2. Return to my pre-pregnancy weight
    3. Less fabric hoarding


  39. These fabrics are so cute! My new year resolution is to spend more time sewing and to get better at quilting.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  40. Mbak Lia, ikutan giveawaynya yaa..

    Resolusi thn 2012:

    *ini mbak2 yg baca pasti pada ngakak :D hahaha walopun kayanya ga mungkin tahun ini, tp ga ada salahnya kan aku jadiin resolusi*


    Thanks mbak Lia.

    ps. resolusiku ga keliatan hopeless bgt kan? lol

  41. mbak lia ikut ya *.*

    resolusi tahun 2012 :
    jahit yang banyak, bikin produk yg banyak, buat ikutan bazaar. ( my 1st time bazaar >.< )

    more success ya mbak lia

    wish me luck

  42. aku mau ikutan juga ya mba :)
    resolusiku tahun ini :
    1. pengen mahir jahit :), makanya aku ikutan indonesian crafter *walopun cuma anak bawang*
    2. ini yang paling penting, NIKAH ..
    aku harus nikah tahun ini, kalo gak aku bisa2 di jodohin sama pilihan orang tua aku, huhuhu ... *siti nurbaya banget dah*

    makasih ya mbaaa, salam Piena :)

  43. wahh mbak liaa.. mau ikutan giveawaynya..
    semoga kain2 lucu itu bisa sampai kerumahku :))

    resolusiku tahun 2012
    punya open workshop.. biar kerjanya lebih terorganisir dan semangat :))
    dan bisa membuat karya2 yang lebih variatif dan disukai banyak orangg :))) impian bgt deehh :))

    email ku : :))


  44. hi lia, my new year resolution is.... never regret :)
    love and best wishes for 2012

  45. huwooo...

    resolusi buat 2012 ya..
    pertama, jadi lebih produktif dan tidak malas. Kedua, stop pemikiran pelit.


    tengkyu ya mbaak, udah ngebuat giveaway lagi

  46. resolusi saya tahun ini adalah lebih fokus pada taman bacaan mungil yang saya punya di teras rumah. semoga tahun ini koleksi buku-bukunya bisa bertambah, dan semoga taman bacaan saya itu selalu memberi manfaat untuk anak-anak di sekitar rumah saya. keinginan saya yang kedua adalah rutin berkegiatan di sebuah rumah belajar. :)

  47. My resolution this year is to get more organized.. We moved into a new home a year and a half ago (after living in our old home for nearly 30 years) and I am having a hard time deciding *what* to put *where* and *where* to put *what*! LOL I intend for 2012 to be the year that I get things back in order!!! :-) Thank you for the chance to win these fabrics--- some adorable prints there!!!

  48. My resolution is to buy no more fabric!

  49. Aku ikutan ya mbak :)
    Resolusi saya untuk tahun ini saya fokuskan dalam bidang menulis. Saya berkeinginan paling tidak ada 3 cerpen saya yang dimuat di majalah dalam tahun ini. Saja juga ingin ada satu buku saya yang terbit ditahun ini. Dan saya juga ingin rajin mengikuti lomba ngeblog dan menulis, sukur-sukur jika menang :)
    Dan Alhamdulillah pas tanggal 1 Januari kemarin, tulisan saya masuk sebagai salah satu di buku Dear Mama 2 \(^_^)/

    email saya:

    Semoga saya bisa menang :p

  50. my resolution for this year is....
    1) no more depending to my the parents
    2) make money by my own with fabrics...
    3) have a online shop
    4) become hard-working girl
    5) accepted by a university (*i really hope so)

    my email :


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