Sunday, January 22, 2012

seaside home is coming out soon!

As  I have mentioned previously, Seaside Home by C&T Publishing will be out this March!  I'm pretty sure I'll be giving a book or two away to my lovely readers or maybe an ebook ;)....You'll just have to  wait and check back once in awhile.  My seahorse pattern will be featured amongst other beautiful seaside themed hand crafts.  I'd like to thank my readers who had tried the seahorse pattern over the years and I hope these little seahorses bring smiles to the recipients :).  Do let me know if your seahorse below needs to be linked to your blog :).

From left to right, Top to bottom:
Anja Wilder, Fiona, Treann
Daniela Bird, Martina Lotter (musical seahorse!), Lucy
Beth, Martina Lotter, Filipa Fernandes

From Top to bottom, Left to right:
Valentina, Yuli, Amelie, Werner


1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    Many thanks for posting my (yours) seahorse. :)

    Regards from Portugal.
    Filipa Fernandes


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