Sunday, January 22, 2012

very domesticated

I was being a very good wife and started trying a bunch of recipes from my new vietnamese cook book.  This time I tried its pate recipe for Vietnamese sandwich....I also tried the pork satay to go with the sandwich.  It really was a BIG success :)....I simply have to brag that my pate tasted really good...superb :D and super easy, though the result of eating it showed in our yearly medical check up last Monday :p.

My vietnamese sandwich version
My other favorite food has got to be gyoza!  I've been wanting to make it...after much conversation with Big M's friend's Mom....I finally tried making these yummy gyoza!  I also youtubed the how to and ended up picking the recipe from my favorite cook Cooking with dog hahahhahaa...I love all of her cooking shows!  Very simple, easy and VERY DELICIOUS!!! The kids love them too.

The gyoza turned out well too!

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