Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ahhh pouch...

stupid me...I sewed this pouch for my blank moleskin...the kind I made for my sister..only bigger.  I've made sure the sizes are okay and YET it's too small :'( plus I've used my precious ink and spindle...so I don't think I'll do anything to it now :'( booo hoooo

xoxo, www.liaspace.com


  1. I am convinced you'll find another purpose for that pretty pouch and that it won't be wasted!

  2. I think it's cute despite not being used for its initial purpose.. I love the house print!

  3. agree! love the house print.
    mbak lia, I already post our photo that I took it from you:) thank you.

  4. yes, i agree with the above ladies. no worries! it looks cute still and you can unpick it and patch it with other fabric to increase the size if you want it to fit. :)

  5. send it to me! ive been using it for my iphone/wallet too. so i'll definitely use it :)


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