Monday, November 15, 2010

recipe book cover

yes's something I was meant to finish LAST YEAR...I know I know..I've been a total slacker...well, to defend myself, it was not totally my fault :D...Catherine gave me the wrong size last time! And when I tried fixing it, I ruined the beautiful fabric...but I could still salvage them and turn them into a wallet, maybe?? :)  That's next on my to do list, I guess.  So, this time I use a pinkish oil cloth fabric which I'm sure she loves, since she loves pastel colors :).  It's a very special recipe book...made by her aunties and siblings :)...a family recipe book they printed online, which I think is a very sweet idea :).  I'll wait patiently for her cooked foods ;)

Catherine's Food Survival Bible :D

On another note...I've been reading comics like crazy using my e-reader :)...TOTALLY justify my spending!!!! I can now download all the comics and upload them on my beloved e-reader :)...for free!  I even donated some to the site since it totally worths donating :D.  You can have one too here in Indonesia through papataka!  I LOVE MY little black reader :D..I bring it everywhere I go now...the downside is...I'm not very productive :p


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