Friday, November 19, 2010

we're sick...

just when I thought Big Misfit is about to get well, on Wednesday night she suddenly got another fever!!!  She's been sick since early last week :'( and hasn't been going to school....So yesterday, The Misfits and I went to the doctor...I myself got the flu from Big M so I went to see a doctor for some prescribed antibiotics...took Big M to a doctor and Li'l M for a vaccine shot.  This morning, Li'l M got the fever as well arghghghghghghghghggh....So, yes...3 of us are sick :'(...My lovely parents are kind enough to take them to the Mountain Villa....hopefully with the cleaner air there, they'll get well soon :'(...I miss my hectic and noisy house...though it's kinda nice having the house to ourselves too :)...Thank you Dad...Mom...

On a happier note...last Wednesday I took the children Bowling :).  Big M has been nagging to go to the bowling alley.  So, while I gossiped with my close friends, we let the children play two games :D...they had a blast...they basically just pushed the ball from the "stage" :).  At first, li'l M was reluctant and refused to play (typical of her...shy in the beginning) but after seeing her sister, she decided to play along, specially after we put the stage there :D...and in the end they had a bit of a fight (typical of them).   I do miss bowling, though...When I was still freshman in college, I used to play almost every single night during my first summer session at Purdue...ahhh memories...bowling, anyone???



  1. Oh, bowling! Sometimes I go with my son and friends when I visit him. We have a lot of fun and to me bowling= First Son + Los Angeles. So...

    Sorry to read that you are sick, I hope that you will get well soon.

  2. Aww, so sorry to hear about the sickness...I just hope that all 3 of you will get better soon...

  3. Lagi musim...anakku juga sakit sembuh sakit sembuh... pppffff... T_T


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