Tuesday, November 9, 2010

misfit's homemade ice cream

Yesterday I've decided to make a strawberry ice cream with Misfit :).  You see..I have this ice cream maker that's been lying on the corner of my house, collecting dust...and since I went to Magic Pantry last weekend, I've decided to rekindle my romance with my "cooking" hobby.  Misfit looooves the ice cream :) and now she's asking to make a chocolate ice cream :).  Oooo I wish I have a big kitchen with a big island...it will happen...one day...hopefully in 1-2 yrs ;)



  1. wat's magic pantry? an ice cream mix pack? i like making ice cream too. got a machine here becos the selection here is limited, not counting pricey haagen daz. :)

  2. isn't magic pantry that fancy kitchen store in kemang? anyway, her face is priceless! mimiknya itu lohhhhh

  3. She's adorable! And the ice cream looks lovely. :) Did you use fresh strawberries? They are not in season here yet. The US ones are available, but outrageously priced.

  4. @tante putri: silakan main2 :D hehehehe
    @Nikka: the strawberries are local :) they're sour but I cooked it with sugar beforehand, so it doesn't matter if they're sweet or not :D


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