Tuesday, November 9, 2010

welcome back, baby

My sick baby is home :)...thanks to my very good friend, Catherine...for carrying to Singapore :) and my beloved cousin, Ginny, for carrying it back from service :D...I truly appreciate all of your efforts...I know how troublesome it's been for both of you, since IT IS a very heavy machine that needs to be hand carried ... thank you thank you thank you.  It's been too long :)...I love you my sweet bernina :)



  1. wah, senangnya si "baby" udh sehat lagi. wuih.. ternyata so "baby" ini cuantik buanget deh mba ;D

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  3. aah... I know Ginny! well, i ever attended her course in her cosy home before, that is. & i knew she's going to jkt from her emailer so i kind of suspected who she is before clicking on her name. :)

    yay, for a healthy sewing machine!


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