Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sewmanics diaper bag

Well, this was a special order from a special friend ;)...I don't think I want to redo this order again :D...mainly because of the not so simple sewing part :D...but who knows...practice makes perfect, eh?? She requested a personalized diaper bag for a little baby boy.  So I chose the plane and hot air balloon for the theme.  Inside it, I've included a diaper pouch with matching nursing cover (I LOVE THE WAFFLE fabric I used for the wipe).  Then, two kimono PJs, a set of 5 bibs, a blank card and dust cover for the bag.  I worked extra hard and I really hope the customer is happy (fingers crossed).  I promise you...I SHALL make a TUTORIAL for this :)...It's actually kinda cool to make...though time consuming :).



  1. mbak liaaa..mau dibuatin. brp? emailin aku yaaa

  2. U know I want this rite so u gotta make another one for sure hahaha cup liaaaa

  3. Salam kenal... :) your diaper bag is so adorable.
    I'm now working on my son's quilt cover, using applique almost similar to this (transportation theme: plane, car, train & boat). Hope it will turn out as beautiful as your work. Wish me luck!!

  4. Dear Lia,
    how are you doing, is the Merapi far from you? Are you in any danger? I have been thinking of you.


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