Wednesday, February 17, 2010

kreativ blogger award

As I was browsing today and a few days ago...I found out that I'm the lucky recipient of Kreativ Blogger Award....I'm both excited and embarrassed...excited because...somebody in the world actually think I'm creative...embarrassed because I don't feel all that creative, but thank you Amesh and Fiona, for acknowledging me as your fellow craty-woman :)...I truly appreciate this :D

So, on to the conditions of the winning :)

1) Copy the award to my blog
2) Link to the person who has given me this award
3) Tell 7 interesting things about myself
4) Choose 7 other blogs that I want to give this award to
5) Link to their blogs
6) Comment on their blogs that I have given them this award

So I've done number 1 and 2....number 3 is a bit tough...don't think they'll be interesting...but here goes:

1. I hate waking up in the morning...when my misfits are up in the morning, I ask the maid to play with them (see...I'm a slacker)
2. I love to eat...too bad my body does not have high metabolism :p
3. I used to be a civil engineer for the sake of becoming an engineer...well, at least I get to use my autoCAD skills for drafting patterns for my readers :D
4. I was in a boarding house during my High School years in Brisbane and hated it sooo much but came to term with it and ended up loving it :D
5. I change hobbies very often...but finally settled with sewing and everything crafty...I am yet to try my gocco prints...anyone care to join me?
6. I wish there's a crafty group of youngsters here in Jakarta...would be so much fun...and I wish there's a biiiiig craft store
7. I'm an impulsive buyer...specially when I have a new hobby...I want to buy everything related to that hobby, in hope that one day, when I need something, I have it in stock :p...(it's hard to find supplies here in Jakarta)

Here are my nominated blogs:
1. By Night a new and very crafty will love it there :D
2. Su Loves Sew is an avid knitter and Sew-er :) she's just incredibly talented!
3. Tante Hilde is a creative Tante :)...she makes beautiful dolls...I LOOOVE her dolls :)
4. Mary Wingham SAL is a collaborative crafty blog by talented ladies! One of them is Nima
5. lolo craft a very talented mommy who can juggle her family time and craft time
6. a little world makes the cutest felt mobiles and everything felt :)
7. ducks in a row makes cute craft for her beautiful children :)

It is sooo hard to nominate people...because I can just go on and on and on and on :).  But those are my picks :) for now.




  1. wow, thank you very much lia! thank you very much for you compliments and for the award!

  2. Thank you Lia! This is such an honour and sooo encouraging!!

  3. Thanks for nominating me....I feel all warm and fuzzy inside! By the way, I did find your 7 things interesting...great job!

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination, it's a big honour coming from someone so talented. I feel energized :)

  5. Congratulations on your award! I'm the same way when I get interested in something... I want to find everything related and get sad when I can't (A) afford it all or (B) can't find it all ;) (P.S. You are extremely talented, inspiring and creative)

  6. Oh. My. Good. Heavens.

    After a month of holidays, visiting family, baby showers and pukey kids...I ended up with over 1,000 blogs in my Reader...and yours was buried at the bottom!!

    Thank you so much!!!!!!


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