Friday, February 12, 2010

more spaces to join

Just letting you know, if you're interested in joining Pay It Forward, 3 of my participants are still open :)...They're great and crafty bloggers too :)....imagine all the possibilities ;).  I am now currently working for items to send out to them :) Do check them out if you have time :)

1. Teah Lo of Bubba Bubbles

2. Nat of bynight

3. Philippa of Whakapaipai


  1. Hi Lia, I am interested, what shall I do? contact them directly?

  2. Hey Lia, thanks for featuring my blog, I still have 2 spaces left!!! Although I have changed my site name, instead of handmadebyauntyphyllis.blogspot.comit is now
    can you please update your post! Thanks so much!! Phillipa :)


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