Thursday, February 18, 2010

crochet crochet here and there

I am soooo into these little crochet motifs....I have so many things I want to put them into :) hehehehhehee...I even bought a few more crochet books...I love easy and quick projects and I finished this one in an hour-ish time :)....not bad, eh?? my mom begs me to make her half a's quite cute, actually...she bought this top from Banana Republic, if I'm not mistaken...and the top has this crochet-like top, which is kinda cute...but will take me FOREVER to make :)...I'm still contemplating the idea of making it :p....maybe later...


  1. this is great! I've always wanted to learn lacemaking and crocheting like this is very similar! i say go ahead and make the blouse for your mom - you can do it - if you did this in an hour the other will only be a day!:))) Beautiful work and good job teaching your self!

  2. oh that one you made looks so very good - and I am in love with the ones on the lacework pineapple pattern cover! (one of my goals for this year is to learn how to crochet, alas, it's been two months and still nada)

  3. lia... i´ve to close my blog for a while because of personal trouble :-(
    the pif-winner is lisa from

    hope to see you soon!


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