Saturday, February 20, 2010

dear baby sean

we wish you a happy baptism day, Sean....may the Lord blesses you always :)...your mommy can use the bible pouch for other storage use too :)


  1. mbak liaaa....
    pasti sean suka bgt sm kadonya :)
    katun motifnya bagus bgt... pasti dr jepang itu ya mbak? hehehe...

    happy baptism day sean :)

  2. aaah mbak lia.. lucu bgt kainnya.. beli di mana ish yang motif2 anak2 gini? kemaren ke mayestik tapi kurang puas. kurang ngubek2nya.. hihi

  3. WOW I love the embroidery and the complimentary fabrics! A beautiful gift! :)

  4. This is such a lovely pouch! I love the embroidery... what embroidery machine do you use?

    I've just stumbled on your blog and do love it. I'm slowly reading backwards... thanks for sharing the craft-y goodness!

    I'm trying to get into my crafty groove.

  5. Hi June, I use a Bernina artista 730 :)


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