Saturday, February 13, 2010

little tags

I've been quite busy this past week...with two sick daughters and a short trip overseas, I was unable to post anything :).  Tonight, I've been food overdosed :)...we had our usual Chinese New Year's dinner at my parents' house and today has been hectic too...did I tell you I'm taking a short intensive class on basic pattern drafting at LaSalle College in Jakarta? :)...Anyhow, I just wanted to show you what I made with these wonderful leftover veneers at my factory...after browsing so many crafty blogs...I asked my husband yesterday to bring home some leftover veneers from the factory :) here they are :)...oooo and I also made an "applique" card for our niece :)

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  1. heeeyyy ... gong xi fat choi yyaaa ... (bener gak spellingnya ? .. hehe..)

    so cute ... :)


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