Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lia goes back to school

well, not's only an intensive course in basic pattern drafting at LaSalle College Jakarta :D...something I've been wanting to do since last is done every Saturday for 6 weeks, a total of 30 hourse course (5 hours each class).  I did my first skirt block (yayyyyy) and many skirt variations from a single block!  Today, we're finishing the bodice block :) I am so excited...this is all very interesting to me...not easy, but interesting (much better than engineering courses! ha!)....I was peeking at another class yesterday, and looking at these girls finishing up their design on actual garments...made me feel so envious :)  I wish I took fashion design then...they looked so cool...just like project runway hahahaha...but I don't regret my decisions in life and very happy at where I am now...doing basic pattern design :)...hopefully, I'll be able to do advanced pattern drafting :).  At least looking at pattern magic books would hopefully not be so intimidating to me anymore :)...Here's to the hope of better sewing knowledge :)

That crazy Ironing lady is my very good crafty friend, Chia...who refuses to have a blog to display her wonderful creations :) and whom I drag to join this class :)

My equipments :)...lots and lots of odd shaped rulers :p...finally I am no longer scared of using them :)

The bodice I was telling you will hopefully be finished by the end of today's class


  1. Good luck with your lessons Lia!! It's better to have new techniques on your hands!! Wish I had time to do it as well! Maybe next year!

  2. The class looks really exciting and BTW I love your bag that all of your rulers are in!

  3. @ guurrl & you: I love that bag too!!

    Very cool that you are taking this class. I have been looking at online classes, but still am not sure and thinking I should probably wait until I finish my masters...but a pattern drafting class would be so much more fun!

    I have to share this tidbit. My captcha for this comment is "missew"; how ironic for a sewing class post!

  4. wish i can attend the class 2, have fun and looking forward to see your graduation project :)

  5. ah! this is really exciting lia, please do share your school experience yaaa..nanti aku tanya tanya boleh yaaa :">


  7. Lia, I think civil eng course at uni helped you with your creativity & imagination.....* civil eng graduate* ^0^


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