Thursday, February 4, 2010

i love this french children clothing....

I found this great blog...whilst browsing by night to see her creation using my seahorse pattern to sell and help the Haiti victims through this blog and found this GREAT french children clothing website :) called Chevalier Loulou...ooooo they are so wonderful...makes me want to sew beautiful and simple french dresses for the misfits :)...and she is also selling all these wonderful things here.  Sorry, I don't speak I can't really tell you how to order them :)


  1. Lovely dresses and so well ironing..
    and I want to congratulate you on taking part to help Haiti victims.

  2. it's awesome you're helping haiti.

    btw, i'm passing an award to you.
    see here:

    hope you'll join in the fun. :)


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