Saturday, August 14, 2010

sewmanics giveaway

Finally, after much fiddling with Sewmanics website, it's finally up and running!  So, I'd like to giveaway something from Sewmanics.  All you have to do, go to Sewmanics ( website and tell me an item that you like and why (  The competition will be closed on Sunday, August 29th 2010 and it is open for everyone.  The winner will get the item he/she likes on the comment. 



  1. what a wonderful giveaway!!
    i love all the items in that shop, but my most favourite item is the green kimono type dress!!!
    it´s soo cute and the colour is gorgeous!

  2. okay i'm in...
    i always dreamin to have a little angel named Luna, and for her i would give her a Green V-Neck Dress from Sewmanic. it's so cute cute and gonna makes her more lovely... :)


  3. congratulation! on your new website.
    my favorite is the balloon dress, i love the dress color and the pocket is really eyecatching.
    thanks.. :)

  4. What a great site! Such beautiful things. I was going to say that the balloon dress is my favorite (love the color), but I know my daughter would love that blue cat bag even more.

  5. mbak Liaaa iiiiiiii lucu banget!!! Aku liat Yuara pake dog bag yang turquoise XD lucu abissss....kepengen tapi malu sama umur -_-" hahahah
    anyway, just want to let you know that i heart your collection very much! :D Nanti suatu hari kalo dah punya anak baru ikutan giveaway deh hihihi

  6. my favorite: Sewmanic Cat Bag :D
    they'd be a perfect gift to almost anyone.
    and all little girls would love it.
    it's an adorable idea.
    (the balloon dress is lovely, but, doesn't all little girls love cat bags more?)

  7. Great website, and nice giveaway!
    I would love to win the Dog Bag because my little one looooves dogs and she's not allowed to have one. So this would make up for it! It would be much better than her brown trousers that she pulls around by the strings claiming that they're her puppies!

  8. What a great giveaway! Love the Balloon Dress, it's so pretty!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  9. congratulations :D i love everything in the shop, so adorable. i love the stripe kimono pj because i love stripes and kimonos :D and it would look good on my friend's baby.

  10. Hi Lia, congrats for the new and cute website :)
    My favourite would be the cat bag!
    Why? Simply because it's so adorable! Oh and I love cats.. and bags ;)


  11. wahhh cute banget baju-bajunya.. semua jadi favorit hehehehe maruk banget, tapi bingung mau buat siapa..ternyata diantara baju yang lucu-lucu itu ada tas kucing lucu banget.. karena aku penggemar tas, aku pilih tas kucing aja sebagai yang paling favorit.. cuteeeee. selamat buat sewmanics-nya ya..:)

  12. hi! ive been following your blog for a while and although i dont have children to give the clothes to, i just wanted to say congrats to you :D so cool--the website looks very nice!

  13. congrats on the new website! ;) cute stuff you have! my fave is the red shirt dress, looks so grown-up. if it's in the adult's size i will surely wear it :P but i think my daughter will look nice in the balloon dress :) thank youu

  14. oh my! its fabulous! well done! I have to say the balloon dress is my favourite! i love polka dots and the pockets are too sweet!

  15. congratss Mbak Lia buat sewmanics!
    semoga makin sukses..
    aku pilih baloon dressnya yah.. soalnya kl ada anak pakai baju itu, jadi terlihat petite. cute bgt..

  16. All your collections are soo lovely, really hard to pick just one fav, but if only one Ruffle Dress your it.
    I always wanted dresses like this when I was little so this dress is like a dream come true :) it would look lovely on my Dea.

    Thanks and continued success to Sewmanics Lia.

  17. everything is so cute!!!!
    i would pick the "Sewmanics Cat Bag with Adjustable Straps" becues my 3 year old son is going to go to a new preschool and he needs a new bag and he loooves cats!
    so this could be such a great suprize for him
    thanks alot!!!!

  18. the dresses are lovely, but too bad, I've a cute son. the adorable dog bag with its flappy ears will be good for lugging his vehicle collection around! :)

  19. OMG, Lia, I had no idea you where planning this! What a great idea and what a fun project! Bonne chance with it!

  20. Seriously?! Oh, how fun!

    Congratulations on your store!

    Hmm, my daughter would LOVE the spanish dress size L.

    Here's hoping . . . ;)

  21. Lia,
    I have problems loading your website, it will jam up my pc whenever I try to load it. I am desperately wanting to see your collection!

    I will try again later...
    Congratulations on your store.

    I have also given you a Cherry On the Top award, please check my blog:-

  22. The Balloon Dress is absolutely gorgeous! Size S would be perfect for my little niece.

  23. I would love the Balloon dress please for my daughter who's turning 1 this 23rd, it will be the perfect birthday present, hint hint, LOL, Lia! hehe

  24. hi lia, selamat atas sewmanics-mu y..i think Flower Garden Kimono PJ is suit for my beloved's so sweet...thank you..^^

  25. Mau yg mana ya?
    Bingung deh, kayaknya semua lucu :D
    Waktu aku lihat2 website sewmaniacs bareng anakku yg cewek, dia paling excited waktu lihat tas kucing itu
    "Tas Meong..." katanya, ya udah pilih yang itu aja, he he he

    Congrats atas launching web Sewmaniacs ya Lia, wish u great luck & prosperity, semoga impiannya terkabul..

    Love u

  26. Oh how sweet it all is! The dog bag is so so dear and would be along for the ride on my son's back to the park, to the library, to the store, to his friends', to school...and on and on. An adorable friend for my son!
    Thanks for the opportunity and for your creative ideas!

  27. oops, forgot to add my email to my comment (S & Co)

  28. Oh what pretty dresses! I can imagine my little girl in the bubble dress. Do you take international orders? We're just neighbors! I'm in the Philippines. If not, I'll just have to keep imagining her in this.

    Your other designs are just at lovely. :) Congratulations on your new site and good luck in business!


  29. Congrats on your site. Good luck with your shop.
    I love the red cat bag. I would give it to my niece the cat lover!

  30. Congratulations on your new shop!! I love the Spanish Dress. It is sooo pretty.

  31. Ooohhh, I want the t-shirt dress! :)

  32. Congratulations! I love, love, LOVE the balloon dress, would love to have it for my collection of future baby/kids stuff.

  33. HI Lia,

    It's wonderful to see a dream come true. You are definitely on the right track. I have been following your blog for a while. Your blog is full of inspirations. Wish your new website a big success.

    My favourite item has to be the balloon dress. It's the cutest dress I've ever seen. I love that you need to tie a knot at the back instead of button up. It's so clever. My daughter will look great in this dress. ;)



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