Monday, January 11, 2010

crochet hat is done!

I was drinking some espresso last I got a lot done...until 4am to be exact! Only a few more days before the BIG quilt show :) and I am sooo done with this crochet winter cap....which I specially crocheted for me to wear in Tokyo :). I know I is wonky, very not neat and it doesn't even look like the image on the book :'( (a Japanese pattern book ISBN978-4-529-04775-3) but...nevertheless...after MUCH undoing the yarns... after much procrastinating....and much thinking and stressing trying to figure out the last pieces (which I finally did after a very looong time...hence it has taken me more than probably a month to do)'s DONE and ow well with the shape hahahahaha....


  1. Cutie cutie, it will keep you warm while you hoard fabrics :)

  2. hi! it's nice to finally know a crafter+blogger from Indonesia.

    your crochet hat is cute!


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