Saturday, January 23, 2010

tokyo diary: day 7 and back home

Right now, I'm writing this at I'm actually recollecting my last day of Tokyo :'(...I am currently missing Japan so very much already :)...but...hopefully, we'll be back again next year for Sakura Matsuri :D. On our last day, we decided to go to Nippori again, because my sister didn't go there the day before, she went to Disney Sea instead. So, this time I took a closer look at all the fabrics at Tomato and some other shops. I am quite satisfied with the fabrics I got from Tomato, so I didn't add anymore to my collection.

However, remember the fabrics shop I told you selling remnants? Well, I ventured to the shop right next to it (it's still the same one)...and Thank GOD I went there!!! Because, I found 2m Nani Iro fabrics for half the price...YES...HALF! There are a bunch of other half priced beauties. I guess the reason behind the price is the fact they don't have them in bolts...They're they only have a 50cm, 60cm, 1m and 2m. I panicked..and bought some more Nani Iro :D. The shop is the on in the corner...and if you turn left to the alley, right next to the corner shop is their annex where I found the Nani Iro fabrics :D...The shop is right before all of the Tomato shops...should be easy to spot :D

We also realized...the gas station is a tad bit different from most gas stations...notice how the nozzles are coming from the ceiling....I just find it interesting :D...and take a look at that very slim parking building hahahaha...well, it's probably a common thing in NYC but I still find it amusing for a car to go into a lift to park...I'd like to experience it one day :)

I took some pictures of Pakira shop, the shop that sells liberty is right in front of the red light when you cross the street (left side) to Nippori area.

On the way back to the Nippori Train station, we passed by Fujiya and bought a strawberry shortcake :)...the shop is soooo cute, they also sell handmade candies.

From here, we went to Harajuku again, because Big Misfit asked for we went back to Kiddy Land to get tapping Goofy...we also stopped by GAP which is very fashionable compared to GAPs in the US...they even have special limited edition "Japan Only" clothes there....then on the way back we went to Marimekko....I LOVE MARIMEKKO but they're damn expensive! In the end, I could only afford 50cm of their PVC fabric :'( least for now, I have a Marimekko fabrics hehehehehe

From Marimekko, we went back to Shinjuku Station and went to Takashimaya....where I finally went to Yuzawaya on the 11th floor...wowwww...what an interesting place!! Sorry, I didn't take pictures...but they have a big range of cute Japanese fabrics, including trefle, kokka, Yuwa and others! They also have a large range of Liberty fabrics for about 30USD/m. They have notions, arts and just about everything you need for your hobby :). It's ONE WHOOOOOLE BIGGGG Floor filled with goodness :) and yes, they take credit card...which is always a plus :)

Overall, I still think Okadaya has the most notions, Mihama has the cheapest fabrics and Tomato could sometime be very cheap too...I am so sure there are yet other beautiful stores I need to a stand I found at the quilt show...where they sell just the most beautiful fabrics as well as PVC, but their prices are a bit high...but still beautiful nonetheless. Oh, and I finally found those delicious chocolate daifuku at the airport!!! Do buy them when you're at the airport...they're so delicious...the green tea daifuku with chocolate filling is also delicious :). Well, that recaps my whole trip in Japan....and I miss Japan already :'(


  1. david loves marimekko too..maybe the next time he goes to finland, he could check it out for you!
    ps- i cant believe you went to japan and not check out any amazing architecture!!

  2. wow, thanks for sharing this wonderful trip of yours. you've been to marimekko!


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