Sunday, January 10, 2010

bazaar find

This morning I went to a little indonesian craft bazaar. I finally saw Amesh of dreamesh and she is so cute in person and I also bought one of her cute batik combination pillow :) so cute. Amesh was also featured in a local community newspaper (one full page!!!)...Congrats, Mesh! You've done well :)..Here are some pics of Amesh's cute little stand

As I was browsing...I found this beautiful quilt from favorite pieces, which is based in Bandung, west java. I LOVE quilts...quilting was what started me sewing...since I was too lazy to quilt by hand, I bought my first sewing machine, in hope I'll use it to quilt one day :p one day ooo one day....I love its workmanship and most of all its cotton batting!!!! YES!!! cotton batting! Most of the quilts in Indonesia are made of polyster filling, which makes the quilt rather hot and uncomfortable for Indonesia's hot and humid weather. The bears are applique work as well as the flowers :) which makes me appreciate this quilt so very much :). This is for little misfit and I hope she enjoys it.

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  1. thanks for coming by liaa, and thanks for the tips :) it's so nice to finally meet you in person :)


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