Friday, January 15, 2010

tokyo diary: day 2 - the rest of the day

I think I'm quite satisfied of my 1 day at the quilt show...I then went to Okadaya, I truly was in craft HEAVEN!!! Good thing they accept credit card :D...I went to the accessories building...all 7 floors of it! yes...SEVEN..oh, 8 including the basement! Anything you could ever imagine and want and need....all 7 floors! Too bad they wouldn't allow pictures...I found out only later...after I took 3 photos in the yarn department... :)...they have section for leather, sewing, quilting, beading, embroidery, sewing machine, knitting, etc...etc...Then as I was out of the building, I just realized, the building next to it is also Okadaya....filled with fabrics...probably 7 floors as well :( but I was late for my dinner appointment :) ow well...there'll be other stores...I am yet to venture Nippori :). Nitey nite from Tokyo :) I wish my masseuse is here.


  1. Lia, I am jealous. thanks for sharing the pics, I am salivating over the goodies and the yummy food. Do share more pictures. say hi to the fabrics for me

  2. youuuu lucky youuuuuuuuuuuuu (^_^)

  3. bisa2 kalap ya melihat toko craft selengkap itu :D



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