Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a seahorse costume

The other day, my friend's friend asked me if I could make her son a seahorse costume for his school play.  I came up with this apron like seahorse :) made of felt fabrics :).  I hope the little boy doesn't mind the seahorse costume :).  I asked misfit to model it for me...she was reluctant...and ended up crying because she thought she looked like a worm hahahahahahhahhaa...so I asked the nanny to madel it instead.


  1. ga kaya worm kok... sumpah beneran kaya seahorse :)

    cup cup ^^

  2. BWAHAHAHAH. Oh dear - tell her she DEFINITELY doesn't look like a worm!

  3. She doesn't look at ALL like a worm; more like the cutest little seahorse ever!

    Is it disturbing that I think crying kids pictures are cute?? When my daughter was little, she'd start crying and instead of running to comfort her, I'd make a beeline for the camera.


  4. mwahahahha the pictures are so funny, poor kid and poor nanny

  5. poor kid, looks so sad. But the costume looks just great, lovely seahorse :)

  6. Love this! Do you have a pattern that you wouldn't mind sharing? If so by e-mail address is tilwch24@gmail.com


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