Saturday, January 2, 2010

a phone fraud close encounter

Last Friday, as I was having breakfast, I got a phone call from the so called telkom (Indonesian telecommunication company). This guy was asking me to talk to a Mr. Gunawan, so I told him that person does not live here, I am his daughter and I asked him why was he calling me?? Is it because there's a phone bill I forgot to pay? but no, he said Mr. Gunawan who lives at Jl. Gandaria I/40 (which isn't the correct address) won a motorcycle, the computer just generated the winner and our phone number came up on his screen...this winning is free of charge! no tax fees, no I told him...that's not our correct address and he immediately answered...yes, you should call our customer service at: 50173513 immediately to claim your win!

Once I hung up the phone, I called telkom info line (104) and immediately told the lady on the line what happened and I gave her the phone number as well. She said she will report this incident to her boss...Let's hope they track this damn crook :)

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