Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tell me...

why am I here...instead of here... :( ... how I love our Europe trip

The Basilica Cistern....in Istanbul. They say this used to be the underground water tunnel to bring water to the city. The Ottoman only found out later on about this. So, this is basically underground piping....cool, eh? :)

I love Santorini in Greece....to me, the place had this meditating feel....very quiet, very serene and of course...amazingly beautiful :). I'm glad I picked this island amongst Greece's many beautiful islands.

Athens o Athens...I must confess that I'm not the biggest fan of Athens...because of its very dry terrain but one must definitely go here one day...the ruins are just amazing :)

Well...I better be off now and pick my misfit from school...


  1. wow...beautiful photographs...thank you for sharing

  2. Hi, I don't speak english very well. But, I always visit your blog and I like everything. Thank you for your visit in my blog.



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