Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i will miss you....

for one week while I look for more of your friends :). Do you see that little quilt top next to the sewing machine?...it's been sitting idly somewhere up there for the longest time...and yet...I still don't have the courage to quilt it, nor the motivation...I think I should blame it to the lack of sewing space :p....I so want to move out of this minuscule little crampy messy space...one day I will have a place where I can marvel the varieties of my fabrics all in one place, stacked neatly on top of each other...my notions all organized neatly...a humongous studio, painted white, where my craft notions and beautiful fabrics can live happily ever after :).......but for now, they will have to bear with me :(. Mmmmm I'm not liking the color of the picture...will try to retake one tomorrow morning....where the space will be a tad bit neater :p.

Here is the update picture with a picture of how the other half of the room looks like...please take note that I was standing at the edge of my sewing table (by the curtain) to take picture of the other side...that's how small my (oops...our) room is....sad...


  1. your blog is so cute love love love your tutorials!

  2. swoon! so many gorgeous fabric!

  3. wow....no wonder u've been soooo creative!!

  4. :0 !!! I thought this was a picture of a fabric shop!! then i read your post hahaa, wow so much fabric and i thought i was a hoarder! I have the same wish as yours, a sewing studio with white walls and lots of desk space + a couple of industrial sewing machines wouldnt hurt!! :D


  5. yacacam... my goodness!


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