Tuesday, January 26, 2010

li'l misfit's first birthday

This is long overdue...but I just wanted to show you what I made for my second misfit's 1st Birthday :).  Her birthday party theme was animal farm (because she doesn't seem to be interested in watching TV, unlike her sister...therefore I have no idea what characters to pick).  I made her birthday backdrop using felt fabrics :)...I asked my ever so talented cousin to draw me some animal characters :)...so, all Patrice and I did was cutting and pasting hehehehhee....it was a fun and hectic day.  I was going to make her goody bags...but errrr....didn't have enough time :)...I ended up ordering these goody bags...each goody bag is personalized with the child's name on the back...and on the other side is the animal farm theme.  As for the cake, it was sooo expensive if I ask them to make the characters out of sugars....I'm sure they'll be cute...but not worth the ridiculous price :)...So, I ended up buying one of these Happy Land Goosefeather Farm set from ELC (Early Learning Center) and that way, I get to keep the toys for misfits to play :).  Oh, and my sister in law and I also did some origami and paper cutting...we were in a world of our own...the children weren't impressed hahahahaha I guess they were too young :).  O, and btw...they spelled Misfit's name wrong, on the cake! Ow well...


  1. u made those origamis yourself? you must be mad, woman.. the good kind of mad hehe..

  2. wow..pesta origami mbak lia... hihihi... kreatif bgt :)
    trs goody bagnya jg kereeennn..buat sendiri kah?

  3. Love, love, love the cake!! That's a perfect theme for a youngster!

  4. happy birthday
    and you areone talented woman!!!
    the cake looks great!!

  5. Happy birthday for your little one Lia!!! All the luck and happiness in the world!!!It must have been one great party!!


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