Sunday, January 17, 2010

tokyo diary: day 4

As has been a BIG TIRING day :). In the morning we went to Tokyo Tower and I was being smart....decided to get out at Toranomon station instead of Onarimon station...BIG BIG BIG mistake, it was sooo far away from Tokyo Tower...ooopps....anyway, we got there and took some pictures....From there, we passed by Zojoji temple, a very touching is a temple dedicated to the souls of stillborn children...the little statues are called Jizobosatsu :'(...I saw one dad, praying to one of the Jizobosatsu and putting on the red crocheted cap to it :'( so sad...

From here, we went to husband was ecstatic! I bet he gets the same feeling I get when I go to fabric stores :D. We went to the big department store next to the JR Akihabara station, Yodoba....totally makes BH Photo in NYC looks like a small specialty shop (I love BH Photo, though). On the 7th floor, they have a big bookstore and this is where I got my cute Japanese fabrics and books. This big building has everything! From electronics to make up!!!! I will try and go back here again before I go home :).

After Akihabara, we went to Asakusa...a very interesting place...finally, a place where I can take pictures with some "authentic" Japanese background...not just big city's neon lights. In front of the Nakamise dori, we found a cute store selling all things Hayao Miyazaki's characters, mostly Totoro...I looooove all things Hayao Miyazaki :). We drank hot sake...though I think there's no alcohol in it...more like fermented rice drink....VERY VERY delicious...we came back here again before going home and drank another cuppa :). We saw the Kannon temple, ate newly fried rice cracker and had some tako yaki too (cuttlefish ball).

Finally...we're on our way home and I stopped by Okadaya-the fabric store, this time. Found some nani iro fabrics double gauze fabrics! yay! finally and a bunch of other things...I don't think they have a good selections of pvc fabrics nor other japanese fabrics. I shall try my luck at Nippori...The thing I like about Okadaya is the fact they accept credit cards! So I can use my credit card here and save my cash for Nippori :). By the way, do you see that yellow sakura japanese type of fabrics?! I HAVE that exact same one from Tanah Abang!!!!! At a fraction of its price hihihihi so happy....I saw a bunch of flowery fabrics I got from Majestic market too :). Then we bought dinner across Shinjuku nishi gotchomae station and ate at the hotel, where I finally had my hot bath tub moment again....ahhhhhh so nice....nite to Kyoto tomorrow for a day trip :).

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