Wednesday, January 13, 2010

last minute boxy pouch

I found a great tutorial by Projects by Jane on how to make a lined boxy pouch...I love this tutorial...I've been trying to do this for the longest time :D, so I made this last night with my new pvc fabric I bought in Melbourne for the outer side and the inside I used japanese linen blend. It's too small for what I have intended to do, though...Next time I will definitely try and make it bigger :).


  1. wow...that looks nice...i love the charm on the zipper

  2. looked cute! always want to made one of these, to bad can't sew :">

  3. Nice. I esp like your choice of Japanese linen for the lining. Would love it if you put a pic in my ahem, hall of fame

  4. I love the pouch! I'm definitely going to add this tutorial to my growing list of things to can never have too many handy pouches!

  5. kainnya lucu ... aku juga lagi bikin boxy pouch nih ... hihi .. tapi ukurannya aneh melulu .. thanks for sharing tutorialnya yaa ...


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