Monday, January 4, 2010

indonesian bloggers

I'm so excited to find creative Indonesian bloggers on the net....

1. Karina Palle of Made in Indonesia blogs about the things she found in Indonesia...they're all so very interesting and creative :)
2. I'm not sure who writes this blog, but pernak pernik is definitely worth a click :). It also blogs of all things beautiful from Indonesia :)
3. Amesh Budiristio of dreamesh blogs about interesting nitbits she finds in the blogland as well as her very creative accessories...I LOVE THEM...most of them are made from batiks and she will have a stand at Grand Kemang Hotel Bazaar on the 6th and the 10th of January here in Jakarta Raya.

4. Nella Mareti of sibebo blogs about the thing she makes and they are OH SO CUTE! Made from crochet, ric racs, should go check them out :)

5. I forgot to add to the blog friend, Martina of Su Loves Sew, I don't know how she knits as fast as she does and sews as quick as she does :). I love her knitted stuffs :)


  1. oh thank you for featuring moi, you are just too sweet.. xoxo

  2. aaaa!what a lovely surprise :"> thank youuuu

  3. awww, i made it to the list. thanks Lia.

  4. hi lia, i like ur blog. do check my blog at :)

  5. hellow!! thanks for featuring pernak pernik! :D whew somebody is actually seeing my blog, I'm glad. :p....
    anyway, I'm hoping that everyone can just jot in so I remain silent on who's behind pernak pernik...---but I'm Nurvit, anyway


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