Saturday, January 2, 2010

pretty santa's gift

My pretty friend ;) just got back from South Africa and look at the goodies this pretty santa got me from there....
2 Skinny Laminx fabric panesl (ARGHGHGHGH I can't contain my happiness)
1 air balloon Liberty Fabrics
3 fat quarters of South African fabrics (she she??)
a beauuuuuutifully cute and interesting pouch
a fancy and cool wire bowl
2 sets of cute buttons
a soap bar
2 shirt dresses for misfits (O they are so nice)
a bag of mmmm chocolaty oat rusk...delicious :)
oooooo, I'd say this is my New Year's present from the pretty Chia ;)...thank you my dear friend, for your thoughtfulness and your beautiful sense of style

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  1. lucky you, what a great friend. I love the green and white bird fabric.


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