Thursday, January 14, 2010

tokyo diary: day 1

It's been a very tiring day...our hotel, Tokyustay at Nishi Shinjuku is a brand new hotel near the nishi shinjuku gochome station. It is definitely good price plus each room has a washing/drying machine!!! What's not to like? :). Anyways, we were only able to check in after 4pm, we arrived at the hotel around 10:30 am. So, we decided to wander around a bit. First stop was the infamous Harajuku, we ate at some delicious fast food (hamburger rice-very good) then headed over to these cute little stores in Harajuku...first stop was Edward

Further along Harajuku, we found this cute pet paradise shop!! I thought this was a children's clothing shop...

From here, we walked to Shibuya and I saw this very Japanese clothing shop (at least the clothing here look like those in my Japanese sewing book) called ehka sopo

I then found this extremely cute shop called mint design...oooo I love their fabric prints, so very beautiful and not to mention...expensive! So I could only drool :(...Next to this shop, I found a book store and I bought some Japanese sewing books

By now we were all very tired and decided to go back to the hotel to take a is now my turn :) is my treasures for today (I found a little fabric shop along the way)! sayonara!


  1. ohhhhh those fabrics.. **drool anyway, have fun in tokyo!

  2. wow, you're in happy fabric land.
    have fun shopping!

  3. waooo ... seneng banget bisa ke sana ...aku bisa panik bingung liat sana dan sini .. lucu-lucu bangeeet ... have a great time yaaa ...

    mudahan next time aku bisa kesana juga ... ^.^

  4. I went to Pet Paradise during my Tokyo visit a few yrs back. Bought a cute dress for my Shitzu : )

  5. wooooww... toko2 impianku... :)
    semoga aku bisa kesana someday... hiihihihii...


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