Thursday, January 7, 2010

a batik reversible dress

Oooooo how happy I was yesterday when I finished this dress. It wasn't supposed to be a reversible dress, but I thought It would be fun to make it into a reversible :). When I did it the night before, after much seam reaping.....I gave up at 1 am and decided to go to bed! Before falling asleep, I had a vision on how to sew the reversible! So, when I got up in the morning, I immediately tried it before going to work...and it WORKED!!!! I finished hemming the skirt during lunch time :D before going to the factory. turned out pretty well :) and I love the color combos :). The pattern is from a Japanese book called happy homemade vol. 2 (I love all volumes of happy homemades...which include a bag and adult clothing), ISBN978-4-579-11243-2. This is using size 110 for Big M who is now 2.5 years old.


  1. So cute, one of them looks so much like you

  2. Love the dress. So clever in making it reversible, now you have two dresses for the work of one (or maybe two depending on just how much seem ripping you did)

  3. wow...that looks awesome....she looks cute and pretty in it....excellent finish for the reversible look....

    yes i know how we get revelations when we lie down to sleep with an unfinished

  4. hi Lia! stopping by to say I LOVE all your sewing. and the dress is adorable, especially on such a pretty girl! :)

  5. Love your work on the fabric! Its sooo cute and reminds me of Dara2, but nevertheless yours' original as well! :D Mind if I review you at pernak pernik? :)


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