Saturday, January 23, 2010

a little giveaway

To my dearest readers, I've decided to do a giveaway....a little something from Japan :). There are 2 sets to be won...

The first set is the one on the left:
1. A piece of approx. 60 cm of Japanese blue fabric
2. A piece of approx. 50 cm of pink flowery cotton/linen blend fabric
3. A frog mobile phone chain
4. A piece of Japanese washcloth

The second set is the one on the right:
1. A piece of approx. 60 cm red/off-white Echino fabric
2. A piece of furoshiki rabbit wrap
3. A piece of iron on embroidery
4. A fish mobile phone chain

To get a chance to win any of the above, comment on this original post, telling me where is your favorite place to buy fabrics (preferably with links) and let me know your winning set of preference and PLEASE make sure you leave your EMAIL address. I will draw 2 random winners. The first one I draw will get first priority, the second one I draw will get the other set :). Good luck!! This competition is open internationally and will be closed on Monday, February 8th 2010 at Midnight.  I'm going to have to change the deadline to Friday, February 5th 2010 Midnight so I can send these gifts by the 8th, since I will be leaving to Singapore then :).


  1. Woohoo! I get to leave the first comment! First, let me just say that you're so lucky to get to travel to such fabulous places. I adore the bunnies, so I'd choose that set if I was lucky enough to win. I'm glad you're home safely and that you had fun...I've been following your Tokyo diary posts, living vicariously I guess!

  2. Sadly the places i buy fabrics are not available online but the store is called Pablo's and it's found locally in Jamaica and I love set #1: email nikole.ross[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. I just loved following your trip to Japan. When I visited Osaka and Kyoto 5 years ago my love for fabrics had not yet started and now I just want to go back. Until then I buy a lot of knitted fabrics from JNYdesign - unfortunately the webshop is in swedish but the link is or from my other favorite webshop Mjukatyger -
    I sew clothes for my little princess

  4. Maybe it sounds lame, but my favourite place for fabric shopping is IKEA. They have the cutest motives with many variety of colors.
    For traditional fabric such as batik and ikat, I bought them each time I went 'mudik' to Indonesia :D no particular place though.. you can easily find them almost everywhere in Indonesia.

  5. Hello Lia :)
    I like to follow your blog, and your trip to Japan must have been so great, with all these super findings you did!!
    One of my favourite shops was the one I found in Berlin, Germany. The link is "". Unfortunately the site is in german, but the fabrics are sooo great!!
    I would go for set 2.
    My email:

    I wish you a good day from Germany,
    take care

  6. Hi Lia,

    I am new to your blog but i must admit that you seemed to have a pretty exciting life going on there... Your trip to Tokyo looks full of exciting activities. Anyway, let me cut to the chase, I have to tell you my favorite place to get fabrics is somewhere in the Jakarta Selatan area! here is the website: Hahahahhahah... trully an exquisite collection she has there... spread all over her apartment. (literally) Hahahhaha... Thanks for all the souvenirs, Dear! You can exclude me from this giveaway... just let me pick one from your cabinet! :D

  7. I buy fabric from Repro Depot Fabrics,(!

    I would love set #1

    heatheranne99 at hotmail dot com

  8. I've loved reading about your trip. The photos have been such treats!

    I buy most of my fabrics locally at a place called Cabbage Rose Quilting in Texas.

    I love set #1!

  9. the pink bunny fabric is just too cute! i go fabric hunting at fabric market around jakarta, i don't think they have any website though :P

  10. Hi Ikutan ya...

    I buy fabric from various store around Jakarta in Mayestik or Batik fabrics from exhibitions like Ina Craft

    I would love to have set No. 2


  11. I want to go to Japan! And I'd love the tidy little pile on the right! Thanks for the invite. So funny about the confusion with my name. :)

    My two favorite online fabric stores are and

    my two favorite local shops are and

  12. What a wonderful trip to Japan!

    I'd love to win set 2 and my favourite place to shop fabrics is

    Sew, Mama, Sew

  13. hi liii...hahaha lucu bgt hadiahnya :D btw sama seperti yg lain...enjoy baca blogmu dan melihat kreatifitasmu. biasanya blanja fabrics di fatmawati hehehe tp ga tau webnya.

    tetep share cerita, tetep kreatif yaa :D


  14. Hello Lia!!!
    It is finally winter here, with rain and snow!!
    I loooove the first set.
    I usually buy fabrics from (although I'm a beginner to sewing and haven't done much shopping yet!!)

  15. i hardly had time to respond to pictures of your trip to japan- but what can i say???
    what a super duper great vecation you went on!!!
    and i wiiissshhhh i would also find my way, one day to visit in that amazing place!
    we all love japan!!!
    thanks for doing this giveaway!
    the japanese fabric you bought is beautiful!
    i like the second choice.

    and take care!!

  16. wow...nice fabric...I have not yet bought any sewing fabric online.My favorite place to shop for sewing is IKEA...i usually sew home decor stuff. For my cross stitch stuff online,nordic needle is my first choice.

    Thank you for your mail...otherwise i would have missed this...please do add me for the draw...the froggy bundle with the blue and pink flowery fabric..

  17. Hi Lia, I'm a huge fans of everything in your website :)
    I shop at Mayestik and pasar baru for fabrics, but for sewing notion I like to shop at primadona at ps. sunan giri rawamangun.

    I'd love the set #2

    here's my email: meutiachan [at] yahoo dot com

  18. hai mbak lia...
    blogmu inspiratif sekali...aku suka banget ngeliat karya2mu... :)
    btw aku suka sekali beli fabric di pasar mayestik dan tanah abang. ada 1 toko di tanah abang yg super duper komplit... isinya kebanyakan kain2 untuk butik.. (terlihat dari motif2nya..)tetapi tidak ada websitenya :(

    oia foto2 di jepang kereeennn bgtt... bikin iri...hehehe....

    aku suka 2nd set.. :D

    thanks mbak lia...

  19. Hrm...favorite place to buy fabrics? Well...quite honestly, ALL of my fabrics have come from four sources: JoAnn's (our megamart fabric store here...I haven't figured out yet if you're from North America, so forgive me if that's an obvious store. ;-)), Freecycle (love me some free!), Goodwill (also love me some thrifted sheets *grin*) and winning them on giveaways or swaps!

    However, if there's a place full of DROOLWORTHY'd have to be

    And as for preference...I can't pick! If I win, let the other girl have first choice. ;-) I mean...on the one hand MORE FABRIC! and on th e other hand...COOL FUROSHIKI WRAP!

    See? I can't choose. ;-)

  20. hi Lia,

    when in S'pore, i like to hunt around the fabric stores in chinatown, Pearl centre 2nd floor. In Palembang, there's only one shop i go to whenever fabric shopping bug bites.

    i love vintage/retro and its reproductions so recently i made my first purchase here:
    and i'm still waiting for its arrival.

    i adore set B then again, 1st set is nice too!

    thanks for your generosity!

  21. Love the Fabric so cute. As for shopping in sac we got Joannes and Hancock but my FAVORITE place to go is Down Town Los Angeles. I don't have a favorite shop just looking for a good deal. thanks for the email update and that picture makes me hungry every time!!!

  22. Hi Lia,
    I love your blog, it's really nice one. I purchare fabrics mostly in a shop called Sukno in Novi Sad, Serbia, unfortunately they don't have a site or online shop so I can't leave you a link for that. I also do a lot of origami and I usually order my papers from this site

    I'd love set #1 :)
    My email is:

    All the best,

  23. I love to buy fabric in Frau Tulip.

    Frau Tulip in Berlin offers sewing courses (where I gave myself a kick start course!) and has really the most beautiful selection of fabrics and accessories as well as lots of help and advice... I find it hard to choose between your two lovely offers but the one on the right appeals to me the most!

  24. What a great giveaway! I buy alot of fabric from ETSY. I love making things. I think both sets are great,b ut if you draw me 1st I will pick #1. email me at

  25. I love to buy fabrics from Etsy - so many great sources! One of my favorite shops is this one:

    (and the owner is SUPER nice).

    jennifereladd at yahoo dot com

    (Thanks for the chance to win!)

  26. I love buying fabrics from Etsy and Pacific Fabrics in seattle :)(


  27. What a fabulous giveaway!!!! I love buying fabrics from Mary Jos in NC when I visit once a year. I also love Japanese fabrics from:

    Thanks for the chance!

  28. My favorite place to buy fabric is wherever it is cheap! Usually that is at Marden's Surplus and Salvage, which has a wonderful quilting cotton section (and I've found some wonderful hard-to-find/out-of-print fabrics there for $3/yard!)
    Thank you so much for the chance at your giveaway; I especially like the bundle on the right!
    liz dot groleau at gmail dot com

  29. What a fabulous give away. Because of my "motto," shopping for fabric at the local  hrift stores or garage sales is awesome...and Freecycle is an even better bet!

  30. I love shopping at Thanks for the great giveaway. I love love love fabric.

  31. I love both sets but the bunnies are especially adorable and my daughter LOVES bunnies.

    my 2 favourite fabric sites are


    jill_poulton at

  32. I usually buy my fabric from a nearby marketplace. They have a large collection, so I love spending time there looking at different prints. But when I have time, I visit Divisoria. There's a building there dedicated to all things fabric/cloth.Its like the motherlode of all kinds of cloth available here in the Philippines.

    ~Madz (

  33. I'm loving reading about all these sources for fabrics! Some of I've heard of already, but many I have not. I can't wait to start browsing!

    Both bundles are delicious, but if I had to choose I'd go for Bundle #1.

    Right now my favorite sources of fabric are Etsy and my sister. On Etsy, I search by "fabric and bundle" to see what's new. And my sweet sister works for an estate sale company here in town. Every week or so she's got another bag of vintage fabrics or notions for me. I'm always amazed at the treasures that she finds for me.

  34. I mostly get my fabric from local thrift stores...I get a lot of vintage fabric! I would love the second set, the animals are super cute!

  35. My favourite places to shop would be Retro Mummy ( and Quilt Fabric Delights ( Love both your giveaways but my pick would be the first set;-)

  36. I like getting fabric from etsy: is one shop I get it from! I really like the second set.

  37. right now my favourite place to buy fabrics is, just love the variety they have. another place that i frequent is, free shipping = good! both of these prize sets you picked are so yummy, but i would love to have set #2 if i'm the lucky winner. thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  38. I love to buy from and of course JoAnn Fabrics! Both sets are adorable, but I'm going with the one on the left first.


  39. I love, and I usually get my basics from local stores like

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway, I would love set #1!

    monahtkm (at) gmail (dot) com

  40. The group on the left is my favorite, but I'd definitely love either! I most often shop at They have a large inventory, carry quite a few designer prints, and I can often find a coupon code to make the prices very good.

  41. Recently, I have purchased a lot of my quilting fabric from Etsy, especially Fresh Squeezed Fabrics ( and Fabricworm ( But my all-time favorite place to buy fabric and sewing notions is at School-House Fabrics in Floyd, Virginia...this is an old fabric store which I used to go to as a little girl when my mother was sewing...they have the best deals and sometimes you can find really great quality fabrics. I absolutely adore the pink bunny print in your collection - I would love to make some sweet thing from that for my little niece!

    -Mandy (amanda_dela_cuesta(at)yahoo(dot)com

  42. I would love the first set. I, either go to thrift stores or ebay for fabrics.

  43. Set #1 is beautiful!

    I go to Joann Fabrics for all my fabrics, its the only store around me.


  44. I visit a local mill store, or (unfortunately) I shop at the local Fabricland (in Canada). I'd love to be able to shop somewhere that has really original fabrics. That's why I'd love to win!!!
    I like the set on the right, but I'd love to win either!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. I usually buy my fabrics locally at

    I love both of your sets but I still prefer the first one.

  46. Hi, I'm new to your blog. I've been buying fabrics at for the last 8 or 9 years. Or local fabric stores such as Jo-Ann, Hancocks fabric, or a quilt shop when I need higher quality fabrics.

    I would love the second set! I never win this type of contest but decided to take a chance. Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  47. I love the bunnies. SO CUTE! My favorite place to get fabric from is called Field's Fabric (website here: It's an awesome place and I can get lost shopping there for hours.

    My email is: skooksplayground[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. CUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!

    I must admit that I cannot give a link to my favorite fabric shopping place... Because it's my local thrift store :D Between the clearance rack of $0.27 skirts and the big round rack of vintage fabrics from estates, Park Avenue Thrift is a paradise for me :D

    I love both packages equally... but I have a pattern in my 101 1 yard wonders book that specifically calls for a Japanese print... So I'm gonna say I'd like to have the second set if I win please :D

    you should be able to contact me via my Blogger profile since I reallly don't like putting my e-mail address out there. KWIM?

  49. HI Lia, I usually buy my fabric on because they often have a good deal and shipping is free. not sure if they ship to indo. I hope i can win the second set of fabric, love all your hauls from japan. This is sulovessew btw, I am having a hard time using the open id, dunno why

  50. I love the Echino animals!

    My favorite place to fondle fabric is stitches but for online purchases it is fabricworm on etsy.

    And I just have to mention that it is sew cool to hear about all these other fabric stores!!

  51. I like to buy my fabrics on Bio Tissus ( ! I prefer the first set

  52. *drooling
    i purchase fabric at mayestik, SOuth Jakarta and my traditional market near my home hehe..
    set no 1 is to die for (^_^)

  53. I love the set with the bunny fabric! I'm lucky enough to have this quilt shop in the same building where I work:

  54. oooh what great fabrics!

    I buy almost all my fabrics from the local "fabric chain" here in Canada called Fabricland. The prices are great and the selection is even better so when I need a bunch of things that's always where I head.

    For smaller more specific peices I always head to!

  55. My favorite place to buy material is from my local quilt shop. There is something about actually seeing and being able to touch the fabric that just feeds the sewing soul! I love the fabric bundle on the left, beautiful fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. What a superb giveaway! I have an addiction to Japanese fabrics!!! Here are a few of my fabric faves:

    And a local favorite:

    My e-mail is: guurrrl at gmail dot com

    Thank YOU :D

  57. I love buying fabric from Pink Chalk Fabrics and if I were to win, I would take either. (I never win so why get my hopes up...hehe).

  58. Locally I love going to G-Street Fabrics ( Their website doesn't do them justice. I just found an amazing site online that sells vintage fabric and I am about to spend a ton there:

    I love the second set :) My email is empressjennifer at gmail dot com

  59. My favorite place is
    They have great giveaways too!

    Thank you!!!

    katevet at gmaildotcom

  60. Oh I LOVE set #2! So arodable! I have to say has a decent selection of foreign and vintage/vintage reproduction fabrics. It's my fantasy fabric shop for sure!

  61. Such cute fabrics! We don't have a great selection of fabric stores around here, so Joann Fabrics is what I typically gravitate towards. I would love love love to win either of these sets!

  62. I live in a small town and like to touch my fabric, so it is either JoAnn Fabrics...or Goodwill/Salvation Army, where I am thrilled to find bags of vintage fabric or clothing I can repurpose.


  63. i love going to the fabric shops in my hometown of santa cruz, bolivia. it's a whole block of just fabric stores and a few more in the same area. crazy amounts of fabric - no online sites though - sorry! my favorite is set #1. =D

  64. Oh what pretty fabrics. I love Set #1.

    I like to buy from

    I do buy alot locally as I want to support local business.


  65. we only have walmart in my area to buy fabric so i try to wait and go to micheals

  66. What a lovely giveaway - thank you for the chance to enter.

    I'm a newbie to crafting with fabric and the only place I have purchased (so far) has been Ikea which I loved... or charity (thrift) shops.

    Both your bundles are gorgeous if I had to state a preference the 2nd one would just edge it a teeny bit :)

  67. There are loads of favorite places to buy fabric for me -- most of them are local quilt shops that I find in my travels. Thanks for the chance for the giveaway -- my choice would be #1.

  68. I am a bit new to sewing so I love hearing of all these new places to get fabric. But, I have bought fabric off of ebay and etsy and have loved what I got. Great giveaway.

  69. Actually, my favorite place to buy fabric is a/the thrift store(s). I often purchase beautiful silk garments for just a little cost, then de-construct them for plenty of useable yardage. Wool garments are purchased and used as well. You can find some quite unique fabrics this way, as well as wonderful buttons, too. I would prefer the first bundle(because of the frog item LOL).

  70. I have so many favorite sites.,, and i would like to win either set both are beautiful. my email is

  71. Hello
    I have lots of favorite sites - but today my favorite site is :) Tons of cute kids and guys fabric
    I would LOVE to win the set with the bunny and the fish - again cute cute would be thriled with either
    Happy day

  72. Only recently have I been shopping on line and I am very pleased with from Toronto, ON Canada. I think both giveaways are awesome... thanks for the chance.

  73. I typically go to to browse various sellers but lately I keep going back to

    Good sales!

  74. you have a beautiful blog, and this is a great giveaway! I would be happy with either set, but my favorite is the second!
    I like to buy fabric at and

  75. great items - thanks for the giveaway. My fabric place to buy fabric is my local quilt store - the Cambridge Quilt Shop in Cambridge MA.

  76. I like to go to the local thrift store for fabric

  77. I'd love to buy more thrift store fabric, but I never seem to find anything that calls to me. My favorite place IRL to buy fabric is M & L Fabric in Anaheim, CA. It mostly has cottons which is what I mostly use. It's HUGE has a great selection and has a lot of discount stuff, too. I just spent a bundle there last week. My favorite place online is various etsy sellers.

    The fabrics you've chosen are beautiful. Would love to see what the winner makes with them.

  78. I get all of my fabric on etsy, scraps and yards! I can find older fabrics that have since left the shelves and popular ones that are hard to find as well!

  79. I buy my fabric from I only buy fabric from there that is on clearance or that is the deal of the day.


  80. I usually purchase locally but I did find a website that I am going to be trying out soon.

    I would love to win set #1 but either would be lovely!

  81. both sets are cute- i'd love either one. :D

    if i buy online, i tend to shop at

  82. Hi! My favorite place to buy fabric is Britex in San Francisco. Each floor specializes in different things and it's an adventure. They have a terrible website ( which does it no justice.

  83. Oh, I love the blue fabric set (the frog mobile phone accessory would be for my mother, who collects frogs!)!
    Since I'm just starting sewing, I've mainly bought fabric at my local fabric store (I'm in France)& at a kind of thrift store, but unfortunately, no Japanese imports there... Maybe some day!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. I love the first set! My fav store to buy is a local fabric store also
    email is

  85. i buy all my fabrics at my loval jo annes store

  86. I didn't start buying fabric only this last few years. I bought some from eBay, and now at my local stores (Spotlight mainly) and occassional smaller stores whenever I come across something I like.

    I would prefer the 1st set of your giveaway.


  87. What a wonderful giveaway! I'd pick the one on the left (my Hello Kitty phone chain is on it's last breath). Thank you!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  88. Oops, I forgot, (you can delete the prior post/or this one): Amy at The Fabric Bar is so great and helpful!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  89. I have been buying fabric for years and years and years!! Right now my favorite is to find neat vintage fabrics at thrift stores.

    Both sets you are offering are beautiful but since I must choose I choose the second set.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  90. I live among a group of very small towns & we don't have much of a selection, but our local JoAnn's has a fairly decent sized collection. My choice would be the first set. It would be very nice for my next fabric project. Thank you for the opportunity.

  91. Hi, what cute sets, and thank you for the giveaway!!! I like to troll the local thrift shops (I am in Rochester, NY) for old sheets and yardages of fabric! Sometimes I find the best stuff!
    Also, Ruby Jane's retro fabric is great when I want to find that special something:

    I love set # 2, and my email it

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. Hi Lia! Thank you for giving such lovely items away! I love Hawthorne Fabrics: and used to buy from them when they were on Etsy and they ship internationally for a reasonable price and very quickly too. Your trip sounds amazing!! Oh, and I LOVE set #2!!!

  94. My favorite place to buy fabric is yard sales and thrift stores. I have found some amazing pieces and just as amazing prices. I love both sets.


  95. This is so awesome! I love to buy my fabric from Both sets are cute, but I love the 2nd set the most.

  96. Wow! Great giveaway! It's a hard choice, but I'd go with set #2. Now, for places I order fabric from: first I go to because of the fabulous customer service. I also really like for the same reason. Both shops are great!

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

    mab (at) onepost (dot) net

  97. Nice giveaway! My favorite place to buy fabric is a local store called Fabric Depot.

  98. hhaoahooa i want set no 2
    my fave fabric heaven is tomato!!! but im happy strolling around tanbang with u li


  99. I buy fabric in IKEA too and in local shops (I live in Lisbon, Portugal). My favorite online shop is Kitty Craft (, great fabrics and service.
    Thank you for the chance to win; I love set #1.
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  100. I love Japanese Fabrics! There is no place to buy them near me but I shop at my local quilt store for lovely fabrics. I have to buy my Japanese fabric on ebay or elsewhere online. Thanks for sharing

  101. My favorite place to buy fabrics is our Wal-Mart Supercenter.It still has a fabric section.I have found some really nice fabric there.
    The 1st set is my choice.
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  102. wow, lovely! I would love to win the set on the left, please. Some of my favourite online stores:

  103. Some day I'd love to go fabric shopping in Japan. In the mean time, there is Birch Fabric, not too far away with some very cute Japanese fabrics. Her website is

  104. I shop for fabrics at Joanne's locally -
    and I love this little shop that sells lots of Moda fabrics-

    But recently got some great fabric from Connecting Threads online (and will definately shop with them again)-


  105. I don't like buying fabrics by internet, couse I love touch the fabric. I love buying fabrics when I'm in journey. I can buy really unconventional fabrics in the low price :)

    I wish you nice day :)

    asia19-9[at] :)

  106. HORTON111@AOL.COM


  107. I get my fabric from garage and estate sales-I find really great stuff-buttons and ribbons too!If I were lucky enough to win, I would choose the one on the left-love those rabbits!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  108. Hi there! What an exciting giveaway! I love fabric :)

    My favorite place to buy fabric is at our local Mill End Fabrics. They get all kinds of things and have older and newer items, all at great prices most of the time. i.e. their regular patterned cotton for quilting and such is usually $3-5! Too bad they don't have a website, or I'd be more than happy to share it :)

    I like the first set. That blue fabric is just beautiful! I hope I win! :)

  109. I also buy fabric from Repro Depot Fabrics

    I love #1 - very pretty!!!

  110. What a lovely giveaway! =) Simply love Japanese fabrics.

  111. I love the set on the right. We usually get our fabrics from JoAnn's. Thank you!

  112. I like the echino fabric, i really hope I win that fabric (set #2).
    I buy fabric from local stores in Bandung, we have some places to go to buy fabrics (it's not expensive), cigondewah, jalan Tamim, Pasar Baru,.. I think they don't have website, but I will guide you there if you want to.
    This is my email: mikthasq[at]gmail[dot]com

  113. I like your blog so much, you make such amazing things!
    I get my fabrics from the fabrics-Market, which takes place two times a year. I buy fabrics at the IKEA, too.

    Sorry, I forgot to type ma name and blogadress... Please delete the comment above.

  114. What a lovely giveaway!
    I really like this shop: The Heyday Shop.
    And the second set is my favorite.
    Thanks for the chance.

    eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  115. I am in love with set #2 - All the cute animals! At the moment, I get all my fabric from my local op-shop. is another great place to pick up unwanted fabric to repurpose into something exciting... like Morsbags! (see

  116. Lia Lia Lia....

    I love your collection, u know I do....especially when I always ask you to help make me pouches for my beloved mobile phone....

    I adore the fabrics....I buy fabric from mayestic but my favorite collection will be at Apt. Gandaria...^.^ the owner of the house is very generous, she would let me choose & cut me a teeny tiny piece of fabric from her the frog fabric...sometimes I even stayed for lunch & dinner.

  117. So beautiful fabrics! I can´t decide ... mmmh, perhaps the first set? Or the second? If I have to choose I would like to have the second set. I really like them both!

    I buy my fabric local. We have a few nice shops here. Sorry no link! :-(

    Thanks and have a nice time


    mei at wichtig dot ms

  118. I enjoy Joann's for fabrics!


  119. I have a couple of favorite places for fabric. One is a local store called Mardens ( and the other is etsy ( Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  120. my favorite place to buy fabrics is fabric tales! I love japanese fabric!

    After a hard time choosing, I pick the first set!

  121. I love Japanese fabric! My favorite places to buy fabric are and

  122. I buy a lot of my fabrics at op shops (second hand shops). You can find such a fantastic variety of fabrics and I often don't just look in the haberdashery section. I also look at scarves, knitted sweaters and anywhere else in the store where they may be some hidden treasure troves!

    I love what you're offering in this giveaway, but my first preference would be the second bundle.


  123. what a great giveaway! i love the 2nd set! i usually do my fabric shopping at Spool in Philly:

  124. I live in SanFrancisco and like to buy my fabric at a place on Mission and 17th called Discount Fabrics. They have unbeatable prices.

    I like the second set best, but I think they're both great! My email is


  125. Usually i buy my fabrics at fabric worm, I get great service that's fast and I'm able to find the designers that I like.

  126. Hi Lia ... welcome back, pasti seneng banget jalan-jalan ke Jepangnya .. Karena aku tinggal di Jakarta my fav place to buy fabric adalah di Pasar Mayestik, karena deket sama kantor dan pilihannya lumayan banyak dan lucu-lucu.

    Hhhmm .. pilihan yang sulit, dua-duanya lucu .. but I like the second set best.

    my email :

  127. I love getting my fabrics at Haberman Fabrics in Royal Oak Michigan -

    I actually learned to sew there 25 years ago.

    I love the first set

  128. Hi Lia,
    this is the very first time
    I leave a comment on a blog...but your blog deserves it!
    I find your posts very interesting and I loved the images you added from Japan-

    I buy my fabrics locally, but I found great fabrcs online at;;
    my e-mail is
    and i'd prefer set nr.2

  129. Hi Lia and all your fans! I would be honored to win either of your bundles, each has it's own charm! I would choose Pkg 1 if I would happen to be a winner because my Mom collects frogs and I would give that to her. I am fascinated with fabrics and buy mine online from mostly. Whenever anyone travels and asks me what I would like them to bring bag, my answer is always, "fabric."

    phyllisar at gmail dot com

  130. wow, just in time for this give-away, what a lovely fabrics!
    I just want to say: I love your seahorse and I surely make one some day!!!

  131. i like for ordering large yardage (good prices) and for unique fabric & great customer service

    love the 2nd set :-)

  132. oh wow, SUCH cute fabrics! I like the second bundle (on the right). So so cute! I usually order fabrics from (amazing sales!) or I'm also loving Thanks for the chance to win!

  133. I looove fabric. I've bought fabric from these 2 sites once but I love stalking them.
    The 2nd one is based in Singapore.
    As for the giveaways, both are lovely!
    Thank you.

  134. I love your beautiful site! Thanks for sharing :)
    My favorite site for fabric is
    very fresh and fun! If I win, I would love the first set (on the left)
    Thanks so much!

  135. What a lovely giveaway!!! I would be very happy to win any of the two sets, I choose the second one for I have two girls and they love pink... I love japanese fabric and cannot find any where I live...
    I love fabrics from here:





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