Tuesday, January 5, 2010

simple A line dress

I love love love the way this dress turned out. I've finally had the courage to use my batik rayon from Bali (it's a very cool, silky like, slippery material). It was hard when trying to trace the pattern into the fabric but once I was over that process, everything else was easy peasy :). Sewing the material wasn't as bad as I thought, I've sewn worst...This is just perfect, very easy and cool dress for misfits to wear. It was supposed to be for big misfit, but the armholes turned out to be a little tight, though she could still wear it. I've decided to give it to li'l misfit :). The pattern is using japanese book pattern isbn4-418-06410-9. I used size 100, next time I will do 110 for big M :)


  1. I love the fabric! Cute dress.

  2. beautiful fabric and finishing...your little one looks very pretty in this dress

  3. You're right, that is lovely fabric. It looks really comfortable - not to mention cute!


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